Novel, Romance

The Story of Bear Family: Part 23

Title: The Story of Bear Family: Part 23

Rate: PG-17

Character: Cho Kyuhyun

Han Sae-jin


As usual, kalo ada pertanyaan ttg ff (kecuali kapan update of course), hubungi IG @mywhitenillaa thank you ^^

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Novel, Romance

[PG-17] A Beat of Alice [Chapter 2]

Title: A Beat of Alice

Rate: PG-17

Character: Kris Wu

Cho Kyuhyun

Alice Lu (OC)

Akhirnya update jugaa LOL. as usual, kalo ada pertanyaan seputar ff, feel free to ask on my IG: @mywhitevanillaa

thank you for reading!

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Romance, Short Story

The Flower’s Trilogi: Sunflower- Part 2

Title: The Flower’s Trilogy; Sunflower – Part 1

Rate: NC-21

Character: Cho Kyuhyun

Lee Joon-a

PS: if you have something to ask about the ff (kecuali kapan next chapter-nya, of course) , feel free to follow my IG: mywhitevanillaa. Semoga bisa dijawab, thank you and happy reading!

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