Rate: PG-17


Cho Kyuhyun


Han Sae-jin (OC)

Shin Sae-ryung (OC)


Han Sae-jin used to live in her very normal and quietly boring world. Until an unexpected encounter happened between her and the member of the most popular group in Asia ‘Super Junior, Cho Kyuhyun. One thing led to another and she was forced to marry her favorite singer and carried her baby.

How was their marriage life going to be? Will they be able to sort the difference out and end up falling in love to each other? Or will they embrace the difference of the worlds they both came from and finally give up the relationship?

Will Sae-jin open up herself toward Kyuhyun or will Kyuhyun be delighted to teach Sae-jin how to love?

Is love required to those who actually never mean to posess one?


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Rate: PG-17



Cho Kyuhyun

Alice Lu


Did leaving the past behind really mean that you’re not destined with the one you used to share your love with?




131 thoughts on “Library”

  1. Annyeong new readers here. Dulu pernah baca salah satu ff author mywhitevanilla trus mau coba baca ff lainnya karya author eh katanya blognya udah ditutup, trus iseng seerching lagi eh ada lagi. Senengggggg. Izin baca ff nya ya thor hehe.

  2. hi ! eonnie, aku dulu pembaca setia eonnie. tahun berapa ya ? pokoknya pas sma, dulu kirain stop di my bear family yg hantung dan bikin baper. hari ini setelah sekian lama aku iseng2 buka buka wordpress author ff favorit dulu. dan seneng banget eonnie udah mulai aktiv buat ff lagi. teruss semangat eonnie, jgan cape buat karya2 hebat. aku suka banget sama ff eonnie ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  3. Hai aku sbnarnya reader lma tp bru bsa komen, soalnya bru tau caranya.. Hehe
    Ijn bca ff mu lgi ya.. Oya ff TSOBF kpn dlnjut nieh pnasaran sma klnjutanny :’)

  4. Authornim, ff yg dulu di masukin lg dong k sini biar library nya rame.
    aq belum sempet bc karya Authornim yg katanya penomenal, bnr” penasaran…
    ff The Beat Of Alice tlg di lanjut, ky nya bkl jadi penomenal jg, baru part 2 tp dah bkn baper.

  5. annyeong… anyeong๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜ƒ
    salam kenal authornim..
    izin baca karyanya yaa,,

  6. Kakk,repost cerita behind the sunset sama she’s mine dong di blog inii,banyak yg pengen baca ulangg,aku salah satunya,dirunggu ya kak

  7. Senang nya… In your arm bakal di post lagi.
    Dulu sudah pernah baca, bagussss banget.
    Kalau sekarang ini memang di protect ya? Cara mendapatkan passwordnya gimn mba?

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